The Family of Harold E. Pennington

Includes Pennington, Lancaster, Wann, Stickney and Justis

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  • [S5] Omer Cyril Pennington, From U.S. Census Records, Lists several Pennington families on this page. Sheet 2b,.
  • [S6] Cyril Pennington, From U.S. Census Records, Roll: T627_151; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 42-36,; 1940 Logan Co., Tomlinson Township, Arkansas Census Record, Lists Cyril Pennington as Head of Houshould and list his wife, Ruth and children, Omer, Eugene and Thelma. Sheet 5B.
    1940 Logan Co., Tomlinson Township, Arkansas Census Record
  • [S7] <b> U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-... Page 2 of 2
    </b>Name: <b>Omer C Pennington
    </b>Birth Year: 1922
    Race: White, Citizen (White)
    Nativity State or Oklahoma
    State of Residence: Arkansas
    County or City: Lincoln
    Enlistment Date: 22 Feb 1946
    Enlistment State: New Mexico
    Enlistment City: Clovis Army Air Field
    Branch Code: Air Corps
    Grade: Staff Sergeant
    Grade Code: Staff Sergeant
    Term of Enlistment for Hawaiian Department
    Component: Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted
    Source: Enlisted Man, Philippine Scout or recall to AD of an enlisted man who had
    been transferred to the ERC
    Education: Grammar school
    Civil Occupation: Skilled occupations in manufacture of electrical machinery and
    accessories, n.e.c.
    Marital Status: Married
    Height: 07
    Weight: 475
    Source Information:
    National ArchiYes and Records Administration. <i>U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 </i>[database online].
    ProYo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.
    Original data: Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File, 1938-1946 [Archival Database]; World War II Army
    Enlistment Records; Records of the National ArchiYes and Records Administration, Record Group 64; National ArchiYes
    at College Park, College Park, MD.
    This database contains information on about 8.3 million men and women who enlisted in the U.S. Army during World
    War II. Information contained in this database usually includes: name of enlistee, army serial number, residence (county
    and state), place of enlistment, enlistment date, grade, army branch, component, term of enlistment, birthplace, year of
    birth, race and citizenship, height and ·eight, education, and marital status.
    © 2011, The Generations Network, Inc.
  • [S8] Ida L. Lancaster, From U.S. Census Records, LIsts several Pennington families on this page. Sheet 2b,.
  • [S9] Ida L. Lancaster, From U.S. Census Records
  • [S10] Ida Lee Pennington, June 5, 2009 Death Certificate, State of California, County of Solano,; Death Certificate for Ida Lee Pennington
  • [S12] Donald Lee Pennington, 2014 Death Certificate, State of California, Yuba Co
  • [S14] Andrew J. Pennington, From U.S. Census Records, LIsts several Pennington families on this page. Sheet 7b,.
  • [S15] D:12-1 & D:12-2-Military Discharge from U.S. Army
  • [S16] Andrew J. Pennington, From U.S. Census Records, LIsts several Pennington families on this page. Sheet 11b,.
  • [S17] Omer Cyril Pennington, Certificate of Death
  • [S19] Notes from Ruth Mabel Stickney
  • [S20] Ruth M. Pennington (Note last name. Used married name at time of death.), 28 January 1980 Death Certificate
  • [S21] Carrie Lee Pennington Boggan, The Pennington Family, The Pennington Family book shows dod as 18 Jun 1932
  • [S23] Harold E. Pennington & Andrew Jackson Monroe Pennington, Jr. and Sarah Virginia Wann, Gravestone, 1988,; Gravestone of Andrew Jackson Monore Pennington, Jr. and Sarah Virgina (Wann) Pennington
  • [S24] Evelyn Nance Pyles, Wann Family Scrapbook, (Evelyn Nance Pyles)
  • [S25] Found in Pesonal Library as Reference Numbers:

    PNN - G:20-3
    PNN - G:20-6
    PNN - G:20-9
  • [S27] James Wann, Armina Wann, Martha J. Wann, Samuel Wann, James R. Wann, Sarah V. Wann and Martha Wann; Roll: M593_56; Page: 288B; Image: 16; Family History Library Film: 545555;
  • [S28] Charles W. Justis;
  • [S29] Ida Lee Lancaster & James Robert Wann, Tombstone
  • [S31] Confederate Military Records found on From NARA.
  • [S33] Photographer: Sharon Goodman (<u>email address</u>), webmaster & host for (and the editor) of the Grundy County Historical Society's newsletter (<u></u>)

    Date Photos Taken: September 2007

    Place Taken: Tullahoma Confederate Cemetery, Coffee Co., TN

    1. Description: Tullahoma History Trail sign for Confederate Cemetery.

    2. Description: Entrance gate with overhead sign to Confederate Cemetery at Tullahoma, TN.

    3. Description: Historical marker for Tullahoma Campaign.

    4. Description: Gate at entrance to Confederate Cemetery at Tullahoma, TN

    5. Description: Tullahoma Confederate Cemetery, Coffee Co., TN

    6. Description: Panel on Confederate War Memorial in Tullahoma, TN showing name of AJM Pennington, Pvt., gr-gr-grandfather of Gene Pennington.

    7. Description: Panel on Confederate War Memorial in Tullahoma, TN showing name of AJM Pennington, Pvt., his unit and date of death. AJM Pennington is the gr-gr-grandfather of Gene Pennington.

    8. Description: Plaque for Confederate War Memorial in Tullahoma, TN showing details of Confederate Cemetery.

    9. Description: The Confederate soldiers buried here were identified in 1994 through research of military service records. The Confederate Cemetery in Tullahoma is connected to the Maplewood Cemetery.

    10. Description: A wider view of Memorial showing flags and monument, panel and rest of the area.

    11. Description: A wider view from the front of Memorial showing flags and monument, panel and rest of the area.


    Article/Story I posted on <u></u> at --> <u></u>

    Grave and Military Record for AJM

    Pennington Located - Finally!
    After all these years of searching to

    locate the grave of my ancestor, Andrew

    Jackson Monroe Pennington, b. 30 Oct 1824,

    m. abt. 1846, d. either 11 Feb 1863 or 20

    Feb 1863, I'm pretty sure I have now

    succeeded! Yea!

    After all these years of searching to

    locate the grave of my ancestor, Andrew

    Jackson Monroe Pennington, b. 30 Oct 1824,

    m. abt. 1846, d. either 11 Feb 1863 or 20

    Feb 1863, I'm pretty sure I have now

    succeeded! Yea!

    Based on my previous information, I

    believed he died in the Civil War and his

    date of death was 11 Feb 1863 and that he

    died near Winchester, Franklin Co., TN. I

    did have another date of death of 20 Feb,

    1863, in Tullahoma, Coffee Co., TN. but I

    was never able to find any information to

    support that either.

    I've searched all types of records on the

    Internet, been in contact with hundreds of

    other Pennington and Civil War researchers

    but no luck. I spent a few hours in the

    Tennessee State Archives in 2002 but no

    luck. I did find some interesting

    information about Civil War records there

    but nothing specific to help my research.

    Recently I joined <u></u> and

    starting searching the Confederate

    Soldier's records they have on file from

    the National Archives, records for Civil

    War Soldiers. After many hours of searching

    many variants of his name, I found

    information on his wife, Roseda Pennington.

    Go figure!

    I found a record for her in the Southern

    Claims District where she claimed the US

    Government owed her $750.00! She said

    General Sherman's Army was to blame for the

    loss. She claimed they took several hundred

    bushels of apples, many barrels of fence

    nails and a couple of misc. items. On the

    document she lists several of her children

    (so that helps support my research) and the

    name of one of her son-in-laws that I had

    been looking for evidence to support his

    marriage to her daughter for some time, and

    address information, etc.. Yea! I printed

    the information and saved a copy to my hard

    disk drive to use later with my genealogy

    software database.

    I kept looking for my gr-gr-grandfather on

    <u></u> and after many more hours,

    I was able to find one A.J.M. Pennington

    (note initials) who was 38 in 1862 when he

    joined (which would make his date of birth

    as 1824). He joined in Alabama and the

    location and date matched some other

    information I had found before. On this

    record, it shows he died Feb 20, 1863 in

    Tullahoma, TN. (which matched the 2nd date

    and location of his death). The record was

    from the National Archives, records for

    Civil War Soldiers, Compiled Service

    Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served

    in Organizations from the State of Alabama,

    Publisher: NARA; Military Unit: Eighteenth

    Battalion, Volunteers.

    Not only did I find the Civil War record

    for him, I was able to print a copy of it

    and to download it to use in my genealogy

    software program! Everything on the record

    matched my gr-gr-grandfather, Andrew

    Jackson Monroe Pennington, b. 30 Oct 1824.

    Yea! I found him! I was very, very pleased,

    but now the question was, where is his


    I started searching other websites and I

    found a possible match on the Tennessee and

    Civil War listing for

    Confederate Virtual Cemetery, Tombstones.

    On the first website at -->


    d/pnames.html, I found this record:
    Name: A. J. M. Pennington Rank: Private

    State Served: Alabama Unit: 18th Infantry

    Regiment Company: B Date of Death: 20 FEB

    1863 Cemetery: Tullahoma Confederate

    Cemetery Location: Coffee County, TN

    Section: Grave Number: Submitter: Mitzi P.

    Freeman Additional Information:

    In the second website for Civil War

    Soldiers, I found a record that matched the

    first. That record said:
    PENNINGTON, A. J. M.18th Bttn. Ala.

    Inf.,??/??/????Date of Death:

    02/20/1863Buried: Maplewood Cem., Co. B,

    Confederate Section, Tullahoma, Coffee Co.,


    Wow! Could it be? As you can imagine, I'm

    really excited to know that I may have

    actually found the gravesite for my gr-gr-

    grandfather after looking all these years.

    I sent messages to both the volunteers who

    maintained the websites and received a

    prompt reply from a wonderful lady who is

    only known to me as Sharon. She "runs" the

    website on the Confederate Cemetery at

    Tullahoma, TN.

    To learn more about the Cemetery, go to -->


    The cemetery at Tullahoma, TN, is very well

    maintained and the battles that took place

    there are well documented.

    I now have to update my genealogy software

    database and then figure out when I can

    travel to the cemetery and pay my respects.

    With this new information I can now say

    that I can prove our Pennington family

    lineage back to Benajah Pennington, b.

    1770, d. 12 Oct 1855. This is an exciting

    and rewarding place to be in my research.

    My forehead was getting a little sore from

    bumping into all those brick walls!

    Now if I can just identify the father of

    Benajah Pennington, b. 1770, d. 12 Oct

    1855! Next challenge!

    I have saved his military records in my

    Gallery and I have added some photographs

    to my Gallery of the Confederate Cemetery,

    the Memorial there and the panel showing

    the name of my gr-gr-grandfather. The

    pictures were taken by Sharon Goodman who

    has given consent to share the pictures.

    Sharon is the host and webmaster for the

    Grundy County TN Historical Society and

    their newsletter. If you'd like to look at

    that site, it is located at


    To visit my personal genealogy website go



    To learn more about Pennington surname and

    history, visit <u></u>.
  • [S34] Notes from Omer C. Pennington, Jr, Not certain of date of death. From notes of Omer C. Pennington.
  • [S35] Roberta Isley gives place of birth as Dade Co., GA
  • [S38] Omer C. Pennington & Benaga Pennington (note spelling), Gravestone for Benaga Pennington, 1855, Information taken from gravestone for Benagah Pennington in Stockton City, Cedar Co., MO. Photograph on file.
  • [S39] Pennington Research Association, Pennington Pedigrees, Vol. 18-2 (Pennington Research Association)
  • [S40] Pennington Research Association, Pennington Pedigrees, Vol. 16-1 (Pennington Research Association)
  • [S41] 1830 Morgan Co., AL Census for Benagah Pennington
  • [S42] 1840; Census Place: , Pope, Arkansas; Roll: 19; Page: 131; Image: 818; Family History Library Film: 0002474, Name: Benaga Penington
    <u>[Benajah Penington] </u>Home in 1840 (City, County, State): Pope, Arkansas Free White Persons - Males - Under 5: 3 Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29: 1 Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29: 1 Persons Employed in Agriculture: 1 No. White Persons over 20 Who Cannot Read and Write: 2 Free White Persons - Under 20: 3 Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2 Total Free White Persons: 5 Total All Persons - 5
  • [S43] 1840; Census Place: , Jackson, Alabama; Roll: 7; Page: 61; Image: 653; Family History Library Film: 0002333, 1840 Alabama Census Index for Jackson County, Page 61. Joel Pennington also listed at same location.
    Name: Benajah Penington Home in 1840 (City, County, State): Jackson, Alabama Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14: 1 Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19: 2 Free White Persons - Males - 60 thru 69: 1 Free White Persons - Females - 40 thru 49: 1 Persons Employed in Agriculture: 4 Free White Persons - Under 20: 3 Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 1 Total Free White Persons: 5 Total All Persons
  • [S44] Roll 7 Page 24 & 119 & 141, 1850 AL Census Index

    Penington, Ann AL Jackson County District 21 1850 Roll 7 Page 119
    Penington, Thophelus AL Jackson County District 21 1850 Roll 7 Page 141
    Pennington, B. AL Jackson County District 19 1850 Roll 7 Page 24
    Pennington, Joel AL Jackson County District 19 1850 Roll 7 Page 24

    The records show the following information:

    Dwelling visited in order: 333-335
    Joel Pennington, 35, M, Farmer, Birth Place - Tenn
    Hannah, 32, F., Birth Place - Tenn
    Jasper, 10, M. Birth Place - Tenn
    Margaret, 4, F, Birth Place - Tenn
    Benjamin, 2, M, Birth Place - Tenn
    Martha, (looks like 3 mths) - Birth Place - Tenn

    B. Pennington, Age 83 , M. Farmer Place of Birth- NC
    Matilda, Age (looks like 58), F, Place of Birth - Looks like SC but could be NC)
    Newton, Age 25, M. Farmer Place of Birth - Tenn

    This same census record shows Benajah Pennington's son, Joel Pennington, living nearby. See Joel's record for more information.
    1850 AL Census Record for Benajah Pennington
  • [S45] City of Stockton, Stockton City Cemetery
    Stockton, Cedar Co., Missouri
    Sec. 9-T-34 R26

    City of Stockton: (417) 276-5210
  • [S47] Pennington Research Association, Pennington Pedigrees, Vol. 18-1 (Pennington Research Association)
  • [S48] Marriage Bond, Roane Co., TN, County Records, Marriage Bond dated 1814
    Marriage bond for Benajah Pennington and Matilda Emery
  • [S50] Correspondence Index #: C:1993-NOV:7
  • [S52] Omer C. Pennington & Charles Edward Pennington, Gravestone for Benaga Pennington, 1855, Information taken from gravestone for Benagah Pennington in Stockton City, Cedar Co., MO. Photograph on file.
    Gravestone for Charles Edward and Minnie U. Pennington.
  • [S53] Notes of Ida Lee Lancaster for John Sledd
  • [S60] Notes from Ida Lee Lancaster, Notes from Ida Lee Lancaster. Born in a wagon train near Newton, KS
  • [S61] Notes from Ida Lee Lancaster
  • [S63] Notes and copies from research at DAR Library in Texas - The New Handbook of Texas and The Founders Handbook of Texas
  • [S64] Lynn C. Mauldin, Lea County New Mexico A Pictorial History, (The Donning Company)
  • [S65] June 15 1923; This is a land patent filed by James LeRoy Lancaster with BLM in Pheonix office dated June 1923, File titled "James Le Roy Lancaster Land Patent-909242.pdf" is saved in Lancaster Folder.
  • [S67] Justis Family, Justis Family Bible
  • [S68] Marriage License of James LeRoy Lancaster and Buena Vista Justis
  • [S72] Buena Vista Williamson (Note last name. Reflects her married name at time of death.), 10 March 1947 Death Certificate
  • [S73] Harold E. Pennington & Buena Vista (Justis) Williamson, Gravestone for Buena Vista Justis, 2002,; Weddington Baptist Church Sign. Taken by Harold E. Pennington in 2002 at Church where Buena Vista Justis is burried.; Weddington Baptist Church Cemetery. Ta, Information taken from gravestone for Benagah Pennington in Stockton City, Cedar Co., MO. Photograph on file.
  • [S74] Ransom Godwin;
  • [S75] Ida Lee Lancaster & Matha Archa, Headstone, 1990
  • [S76] E-mail message dated 2/01/00 from RootsWeb Personal Mail List advising of a new posting on RootsWeb concerning Wann surname:

    Source: email address
    Subject: [CRABTREE] Jackson Co, AL 1840 Census

    The following abstracts from Jackson Co., Alabama 1840 census was sent to me
    by Gail Crabtree Dunn. She also noted the names of neighbors of each one.

    p. 18-19 ABRAM CRABTREE 1 male under 5; 2 males ages 20-30; 1 female under
    5; 1 female age 20-30
    (neighbors: John Starkey, M. Lin Cross, Charles M. Cross, George T.
    Overdeer, James Munday, Young A. Pool, Josiah Glover, John F. Cowan and
    Lemuel Gilliam)

    p. 38-39 JAMES CRABTREE 1 male age 30-40; 1 male age 50-60; 2 females ages
    10-15; 1 female age 40-50 (This is the James who married Christianna Bass,
    per Gail Crabtree Dunn).

    p. 38-39 JOHN CRABTREE 1 male under 5; 1 male 30-40; 1 female 20-30
    (He was listed next door to JAMES).
    (Neighbors: Matthew Washington, James Hawk, Labon Webster, Moses Stogsill,
    Daniel Luallen, Robert Wann, William Bass, Edward Wann).

    p. 39-40 WILLIAM CRABTREE 1 male under 5; 1 male age 5-10; 1 male age
    10-15; 1 male age 20-30; 1 male age 30-40; 1 female age 5-10; 1 female age
    15-20; 1 female age 30-40
    (Neighbors: Samuel Wann, Edmon Weston, Jesse Weston, Thomas Weston; Moses
    L. Pinkston, Phillip Williams, George Anderson, and James Russell).
  • [S78] <b>Source Information:</b>
    Dodd, Jordan. <i>Kentucky Marriages, 1802-1850</i> [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1997.
    Original data: Electronic transcription of marriage records held by the individual counties in Kentucky.
    Database of Kentucky marriages to 1850
  • [S79] A result of your requested PML search. To refine or cancel this
    search, please visit
    Source: email address
    Subject: Re: [AFHA] William Wann Sr.

    Born: 31 August 1834 Jackson County, Alabama, he was the son of Robert Wann
    and Racheal Poe, the 12th child of 14 children.
    He married 18 June 1857 to Arminda Loyd in Independence County, Arkansas
    He died: 25 June 1916 in Logan County, Ark. Buried at Blue Mountain Cemetery
    located outside of Booneville, Arkansas.

    SAMUEL MC GOWAN WANN was born 25 May 1814 in Wayne County, Ky. He was the
    1st born child of 14...parents also being Robert Wann and Racheal Poe.
    He married Martha Archa on 15 Dec 1836 in Bellefonte, Jackson County,
    He served in the Florida War of 1838 which was actually the Cherokee Indian
    Removal. He was described as blue eyed, dark haired, and fair complexion at
    the age of 24.
    By 1850 he was in Jackson County, Arkansas. He is listed in Bird Township,
    Elgin Post Office in 1860
    Tax records place him there in 1850's.
    According to her Widows Pension Claim, Martha Archa Wann stated that Samuel
    McGowan Wann died 19 Oct 1857 in Elgin, Jackson County, Arkansas. Martha
    kept her family together as she was a very strong willed, organized woman.
    She rented out the land they lived on, and raised the large family by
    herself. She never remarried. Martha died 7 April 1909 at the home of her
    daughter Savannah Wann Godwin in Logan County, Arkansas. She is buried at
    French Prarie Cemetery, Ione, Ark.

    MARTHA CATHERINE WANN (Bible says "Martha Catherine", marriage record says
    "Martha Jane")
    Born: 15 March 1832 Jackson County, Alabama the 11th born child of Robert
    Wann and Racheal Poe. Her brothers were Robert "Jasper" Wann, as well as
    Samuel McGowan Wann.
    Married: Uriah Cole on 7 July 1853 in Independence County, Ark. by Thomas
    I don't have a clue as to when and where she you?
    Hope this didn't confuse you.
    Were Parthenia Cole who married Allen Dill, and Redmond Cole who married
    Martha Jane Wann related to Uriah Cole?
    I have some data on William Wann and Ann McGowan...if you want that contact
    Frances Fortune (descendant of Samuel McGowan Wann)

    >From: "Lynna Morris" <email address>
    >To: email address
    >Subject: [AFHA] William Wann Sr.
    >Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 20:32:41 -0600
    >William Wann Sr and Ann McGowan Wann were the grandparents of Martha Wann
    >Cole. Martha was the wife of Uriah Cole. Does anyone have anything on the
    >Wann or McGowan families? According to the
    > LDS (whopee) they had eleven children. Amoung that eleven was Martha
    >WannCole's father Robert Jasper Wann. I would be delighted to have any
    >information on the ancestors of mine . Thanks , Lynna Gibson Morris
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  • [S80] Obit from local paper in Madera, CA.
    Newspaper article of death of John Barton Pennington.
  • [S81] See research notes for contents.
  • [S82] Burial Information for Fred L. Lancaster and receipt for purchase of a new head stone base, Note from Ida L. Pennington provides informaiton on burial location for Fred R. Lancaster.
  • [S84] Memorial Card - Amo Camille Greeson
  • [S87] Family Reunion, South Lake Tahoe, CA
  • [S88] Message Content (Edited for Input):
    "Edith passed away last night.
    The funeral is at 2:P.M. Monday. She is at the Dalton-Homes funeral home."
    "Walt has a camping trailer that sleeps 6, and his house will be empty, as Dot & Fran are returning tomorrow.
    Love and prayers to all, Ida"
  • [S90] Copy of text of message sent on 2/18/15 at 8:46 PM, PST.

    Hello Family,
    Del just called me and said Aunt Ethel passed away a little while ago. She went quickly and easily, after a hard night last night.
    We don’t have any more information about the memorial service, etc. yet.
  • [S91] "Funeral Card Ethel Ruth Lancaster Valler," , Personal Library, San Rafael, CA
  • [S94] Harry Bain Williamson, February 7, 1950 Death Certificate
  • [S97] Message Content: "Edith called at 6:00 a.m. to tell us that Melvin passed away last night. Said the room was full of visitors and they were having a good time. Melvin raised up and was reaching for something, laid back down and was gone.

    The funeral will be Wednesday."
  • [S98] Obituary for Melvin Sanford
  • [S99] Betty Wayner, E-mail from Betty Wayner (Date: 2016), Hi Gene
    Mary will send you some other additions or corrections, I will give you a few and hope you will know where they go.
    1. LeRoy Blythe, ( LeRoy does not have a space, and his official name is not Daniel. it is not on the birth certificate)
    Sheri Lee Blythe (Lee middle name)
    Mitchell Aldrich (Husband's name)( I do not know his birth date & place)
    Brielle Alicia Aldrich (Sheri's daughter)born 7/27/95 Long Beach California
    Mitchell's father is William Aldrich and his mother is Becky (I do not know her maiden name)
    Delwyn Glenn Wayner (born Weener)
    The county where Del was born is Ottawa County
    Father Chester H. Weener, Mother Cornelia Pearl Brower (born Brouwer)
    Thomas Joe Taylor change the city name from Grover City to Grover Beach
    Robert Leroy Taylor's parents were Harry Raymond Taylor and Adeline Bell Haines
    Steven Michael Howse was married in Santa Maria California on 9/7/96
    Brandi Nattell (bride) born 8/18/74
    Isaac Thomas born 8/1/97 (son) born in San Luis Obispo, CA
    Amy Michelle Howse was married in Nipomo, California 9/17/95
    Mark Edward Heinzman (husband) 1/16/77
    Mark Heinzman father and Betty is mother (I do not know her maiden name)
    Catharyn Elizabeth born 4/10/96 (Amy's daughter)Born in Van Nuys California
    Noah born 11/18/97 (Amy's son) Born in Granada Hills, California
    Seth Thomas born 4/27/99 (Amy's son) born in Granda Hills California
    Richard Glen Taylor wife Lori's parents were Angelia Marie Zizzo (Mother) and David Lawrence (father)
    Hope this helps. We appreciate your effort in making this as complete as we all know at the time. Love Betty
  • [S100] Hi Gene,
    My dad, Burnice Cecil Blythe was born July 7, 1915 He died May 20, 1952. His Mother was Flossie Phillips, she was born in Arkansas, but, I do not know the county. She was Pawnee, Indian. His Father was Thomas Blythe, also born in Arkansas, and again I do not know the County. He was Cherokee Indian.

    Ethel and Burnice were married on September 27, 1933. I have his documents and that is where I am getting the information. I have his SS# if that would help with the county.

    Steven Howse has a third child: Analise Elizabeth Howse b. Jan. 26, 05 Chad Taylor is married to Shana Taylor b. Dec. 15, 82 (I will need to look up the date they married and her maiden name,it was the year we had the reunion at Liberty Lake) He has a son, Christian Robert Taylor b. June 21, 07 (on his great, great, grandma's birthday (mom)).

    Amy has remarried, she married Carl Watson. I do not know birth day etc. they married on May 24, 08.

    Sheri Lee Blythe/Aldrich married Keith Lightcap. They have a son, Slater Zane Lightcap, born Aug 20, 05.

    I think that this is all the changes on the page you sent to me.

    Hope this helps you. I will try to get the other information I indicated and send it to you.

    See you Tomorrow.
  • [S101] Notes from Ida Lee Lancaster, Notes from Ida Lee Lancaster & 'In Memory' note from funeral services.
  • [S103] Calvin Thomas Young - Obiturary published in Northwest Arkansas Times and in Ft. Sumner, NM newspaper, Dear Friends and Family,
    Calvin passed away in the hospital this afternoon about 1:30. He went very fast and very quietly and peacefully. Hospice had brought a bed and other equipment to our house, ordered medication, and we were waiting for the medical transport to take him home. They were due at 1:00 but were a little bit late. Duane had picked Vicki up at the airport in San Diego and they got to the hospital about noon. Vicki got to talk to Calvin some, we don't know whether he could hear her or not. Duane and Vicki went to get some lunch. The nurse came in to take Calvin's vital signs and she said that it looked like he might be dying. Ron, Vicki, Duane and I were all with him. Wayne was at our house receiving the Hospice equipment, so he wasn't there when he died, but he and Kathy got there very soon after. He had been with his Dad almost every night and most of the day yesterday. Our pastor came very quickly, but Calvin was gone before he got there. He comforted us with scripture and prayer.
    Alyssa, Wayne's oldest daughter, had written a letter to Wayne expressing her faith that all was well with Grandpa, and comforting her Dad. We thought it was amazing, because we all thought he had a few days left. Wayne couldn't read it without choking up so the pastor read it to us, and it was so beautiful. It seems that God surrounded us with people who were loving us and comforting us, including the hospital staff, Hospice people, and even a granddaughter who wasn't even with us.
    Wayne's kids made a "Welcome Home Grandpa" sign and they had decorated the living room, where we put the hospital bed, with balloons and it looked so festive. We were so thankful when we saw the beautiful room that God was saying "Welcome home, Calvin."
    We had been told that he probably wouldn't live but a few days, but we were very surprised that he went so quickly. We think it was God who made the medical van late getting there. It was God who allowed Vicki to get there in time to express her love to her father, and it was God who spared him any further pain and suffering.
    Miller-Jones Mortuary was coming to pick Calvin up and the Hospice people recommended that we not be there at that time so Wayne, Vicki and I came home. Duane, Ron and Kris are coming in a little while. We don't know when we will have the funeral services but he will be buried in the Riverside National Cemetery.
    Thanks to all of you for your prayers, love and support, especially during these past few weeks.
    Much love,
  • [S104] Message from Dorothy Young included pictures of funeral services for Thomas Calvin Young.
  • [S110] Inside of Funeral Service card for LeRoy Blythe.; Outside of Funeral Service Card for LeRoy Blythe, Received e-mail from Rochelle Renninger dated 2/21/14.

    Hello All,
    I received a call this morning from Glen (Ed's son) that Ed passed away last night. Ed experienced a stroke with complications. Please pass this on to family members. Glen said he is thankful for the last year that he spent as Ed's caregiver. He is currently applying for entry into the doctorate program at the University of MO. Pray for his success. There won't be any memorial service, but if you would like to send a card to Glen, I'm sure it would be meaningful to him.
    Glen Greeson
    2201 Chapel Plaza Ct.
    Columbia, MO 65203

    Love, Rochelle
  • [S111] Hi,
    Jerry passed today at 3 PM. His funeral will be on Friday at 2 PM it will be a grave side funeral at the Arroyo Grande Cemetery the one where Tom is buried. There will be a time to share and refreshments following, at Santa Maria, at the rec room where he lived. The same one Mom's 90th party was held.

    Mary, Del and I told Mom and Carl tonight. It was hard. She has lost both sons now, yet she is 94.

    If you have questions, feel free to write or phone.
    Love Betty
  • [S112] Inside of Funeral Service card for LeRoy Blythe.; Outside of Funeral Service Card for LeRoy Blythe
  • [S113] LeRoy Blythe Memorial Service Card
  • [S117] Information taken from Family Bible Records in possession of Mary A. Justis, 2401 Santiago, Farmington, New Mexico.
  • [S119] Justis family time line from Susan Galloway
  • [S120] This letter refers to Lawrence W. Williams who Ida thought could be the father of Mollie Williams. However, it is not believed that this particular Lawrence W. Williams and his wife, Polly Moser, are NOT the parents of Mollie Williams.
  • [S121] Charles W. Justis, Lucy Justis, Maud Justis.;
  • [S122] Personal letters from Charles Wesley Justis to his Granddaughter and family from 1921 - 1937, Computer file stored in Justis folder. File is titled "8-24-26.doc".
  • [S123] Charles Wesley Justis, 10 October 1937 Death Certificate
  • [S124] Ida Lee Lancaster & Charles Wesley Justis and Mollie Justis, Cemetery Index, July 2001,; Charles W and Mollie M Justis gravestone, San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society at 209-342-5242 or e-mail at email address
  • [S125] Gil Hinshaw, Lea, New Mexico's Last Frontier, (Hobbs Daily News-Sun)
  • [S126] Death Certificate for Molly M. Williams, Death Certificate of Mollie M. Williams
  • [S129] Omer C. Pennington & Basil Manly Justis, Gravestone for Basil Manly Justis, 2001,; Basil M Justis Grave Stone, Information taken from gravestone for Benagah Pennington in Stockton City, Cedar Co., MO. Photograph on file.
  • [S130] Entry ID: This sheet has a 3rd date of birth for Thomas A. Lancaster. Mary Ann Downs is daughter of Ida Lancaster Hankla and related to Ida Lee Lancaster. Material received from Ida Lee Lancaster on 3/22/92.
  • [S131] Confederate Pension Record showing enlisted on April 28, 1862 and was discharge from C.S.A. for Joseph T. Lancaster on June 28, 1862.
  • [S132] Confederate Pension Record for Joseph Thomas Lancaster; Confederate Pension Record for Joseph Thomas Lancaster; Confederate Pension Record for Joseph Thomas Lancaster; Confederate Pension Record for Joseph Thomas Lancaster, This is a 2nd enlistment and discharge for Joseph T. Lancaster with the C.S.A.. This document comes from his Confederate Pension Application papers from the Texas State Archives.
  • [S133] From Sequin, Texas from Guadalupe County Trails, Vol. 2, No. 4, October 1986: Co. "B", 25th Brigade, Texas State Troops, C.S.A. Muster Roll for Captain W. H. Kelly's Company of Calvary for the period mentioned. The muster roll lists one Lancaster, Joseph (46). Dated August 6th, 1863 at Camp Hood.
  • [S136]
  • [S137] Artemisia Lancaster, June 1, 1917 Death Certificate,; State of Texas Certificate of Death for Artemisia Lancaster
  • [S138] Roll M432_969 Page 318A, Image: 118, 1850 Federal Census, Powhatan Co., VA

    Household Members:

    </b><u>James W Justis</u>

    <u>Mary G Justis</u>

    <u>Wm M Justis</u>

    <u>James L Justis</u>

    <u>Thomas J Justis</u>

    <u>Sarah L Justis</u>

    <u>Mary L Justis</u>

    <u>Elizabeth F Justis</u>

    <u>Joshua A Justis</u>

    <u>Charles W Justis</u>
  • [S141] Thomas A. Lancaster, Lines 10 - 21, Call #287, Copy M-432, Roll No. 911, 1850 Census shows Thomas A. Lancaster living "about St. Marcos, Hayes, Texas" which is in Robertson Co., Texas.

    It lists the following: (1) Jars. Lancaster, 39, M, farmer, birthplace Georgia; (editor's note: "Jars." may be "James" who is the son of Thomas A. Lancaster. James in 1850 would have been about 19 years of age.

    Editor Note: The notes I used to record this information were hand prepared and copied from the original records so it is possible this is an error. There are other examples in this document of errors (written and spelling) as well.

    (2) Jonathan Whitaker, no age or sex, no birthplace as a resident in the same house; (3) Thos. A. Lancaster, age 37, M, farmer, birthplace Georgia; (4) Harriet Lancaster, 36, F, birthplace Georgia; (5) Sarah F. Lancaster, 17, F, birthplace Georgia; (6) Joseph T. Lancaster, 13, M, birthplace not given; (7) Rebeca A. Lancaster, 11, F birthplace not given; (8) Selba F. (Franklin) no last name listed, 10, M, birthplace not given; (9) James A. (Andrew) no last name listed, 9, M, birthplace Alabama; (10) Mary J. no last name listed, 7, F, birthplace Alabama; (11) Wesley T., no last name listed, 5, M, birthplace Louisiana; (12) John F. no last name listed, 2, M, birthplace Texas.
  • [S142] Thomas A. Lancaster, page 84, dwelling No., 633, Family No. 569, 1860 Census shows Thomas A. Lancaster living in Guadalupe Co., Texas. It lists the following: (1) Tho. A. Lancaster, age 47, M, farmer, birthplace Geo. (editor's note: "Geo." abbreviation for Georgia was from hand prepared notes); (2) Harriet S., 46, F, birthplace Geo. (editor's note: the notes show a maiden name of Franklin); (3) James A., age 19, M, farmer, birthplace Ala. (editor's note: the notes show a middle name of Andrew); (4) Mary J., age 17, F birthplace Ala.; (5) Wesley T., age 15, M, birthplace La.; (6) Jon F., age 13, M, birthplace Texas; (7) Th. J. Lancaster, age 24, M, farmer, birthplace of Geo. (editor's note: the notes show name as Thomas Joseph); (8) Artemesia J., age 18, F, birthplace Ala. (editor's note: the notes show a maiden name of Smith); (9) Franklin S., age 20, M, farmer, birthplace Geo (editor's note: the notes show name as Franklin Selba); Mary E., age 19, no sex listed, birthplace Ala. (editor's note: the notes show Smith as maiden name).

    Census record 1860 shows: For Guadalupe Co., Texas, 17th date of August, 1860, page 84, dwelling No., 633, Family No. 569.
  • [S144] The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Founders and Patriots of The Republic of Texas - The Lineages of the Members of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (The Daughters of the Rebublic of Texas)
  • [S145] Ida Lee Lancaster & Harriet S. Franklin, Cemetery Record,; Harriet S Franklin Grave Stone
  • [S146] Harriet S. Lancaster, wife of T.A. Lancaster, Library Record, Copied from Seguin, Guadolpe Co., Texas Library records on July 22, 1989:

    Cemetery Records for Happle Cemetery, #66
    Lancaster, Hugh Franklin, 1913-1936
    Lancaster, James Andrew, Father Apr. 12, 1869 - Oct. 7, 1958
    Lancaster, Lizzie Stella , Mother Jul. 24, 1874 - Nov. 13, 1960
    Lancaster, Mary #. Apr. 26, 1841 - Jan. 1, 1929
    Lancaster, Paul Murray 1901- 1943
    Lancaster, S. Franklin Jan. 28, 1840 - Jan. 20, 1913
    Lancaster, Susie Ann Wife of Will Lancaster (No Dates)
  • [S147] Mary Smith; #281; Unknown, Entry ID: Line 12
  • [S150] Dear Gene,
    I messaged you a few week ago regarding my great-great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Monroe Pennington. My great-grandfather was James Newton Pennington 1850 to 1939. I have a cousin in possession of James Newton's family Bible, but they say it is in very poor condition. I hope to see it this weekend. Also, I plan to find out exactly where his diary is located, this weekend.
    My grandfather was John Monroe Pennington 1868 to 1960. (Note: I noticed someone entered information that my grandfather died at Dumas (Drew County) Arkansas. He died at Dumas, BUT Dumas is in DESHA County. I was born there, and at my grandfather funeral, therefore, I know.
    My father was Verdell Pennington.
    I've been fortunate to contact many relatives, and expect to have much data soon. You remarked that you would welcome this information. Could you suggest a program for me to buy which would help me enter all my data more efficiently? I am afraid that if I sent it on a spreadsheet it will be too massive. I can enter on a spreadsheet, but I expect to been adding more data as I receive it.
    Also, as I said in my previous e-mail, this ancestry stuff is habit-forming. I have a very large family tree on my mother's side of the family, that I must research. I gotta have help!

    Here is a picture of my grandfather, John Monroe Pennington, taken around 1945 or 1946. He was appx 75-77 years old.

    I am sending this e-mail from my sister's computer because I can't send pictures on my compter at work. My e-mail at work is:
    email address. You can sent your response to my work address or to this address.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Helen Pennington
    3608 Beechwood Dr
    Rogers, AR 72756
    501-631-2358 Home
    800-643-6410 X7080 work
  • [S152] Dear family,
    I'm so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I need to let you
    know that we have had a great loss in our family. Aunt Udene passed
    away yesterday evening (Monday) about 8 PM. She has been battling
    congestive heart failure, as you know, and she had a heart attack
    sometime over the weekend and then pneumonia set in. The Dr. said she
    may not have realized that it was a heart attack--that it might just
    have been a tightening in her chest, and the pneumonia was a result of
    the heart damage. I went to the hospital Monday at noon and she was
    struggling for every breath. She knew me, but all of her energy was
    going into her breathing and she did not speak. Mother visited with her
    last night about 7 PM and had not been home very long when Alan called.
    All of her children were there. We have not been notified of funeral
    arrangements yet--they are doing that this morning--but we'll let you
    know as soon as we hear. You two take care. We love you.

  • [S154] See Research Task List
  • [S161] George Miles Bruce, From U.S. Census Records, Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Meadow Lake, Nevada, California; Roll: 178; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 0017; Image: 1010.0; FHL microfilm: 2339913.
    Source Information: 1930 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002.
    Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Fifteenth Census of the United States, 1930. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1930. T626, 2,667 rolls.
    The 1930 Census contains records for approximately 123 million Americans. The census gives us a glimpse into the lives of Americans in 1930, and contains information about a household’s family members and occupants including: birthplaces, occupations, immigration, citizenship, and military service. The names of those listed in the census are linked to actual images of the 1930 Census.
  • [S162] Material to Follow
  • [S163]
  • [S164] Letter from child
  • [S166] Pennington Research Association, Pennington Pedigrees Vol. 2-3 (Pennington Research Association)
  • [S168] Pennington Research Association, Pennington Pedigrees, Vol. 3 (Pennington Research Association)
  • [S170] Pennington Research Association, Pennington Pedigrees, Vol. 28-2 (Pennington Research Association), Article by Donna B. Selke titled "Michjah Pennington (1743-1813- Group 7)
  • [S171] Pennington Pedigrees
  • [S174] Was 16 at the time of her marriage to Andrew J. M. Pennington and the youngest child at her home
  • [S175] Calvin Thomas Young - Picture taken in hospital on March 23, 2005.; Obiturary published in Northwest Arkansas Times and in Ft. Sumner, NM newspaper, Copy of text of message sent on 7/2/12 at 11:08 am PST.

    Hello Dear Family,

    Alice just called me and said C.O. passed away this morning. She didn't go into detail, but said it was kind of sudden. He had eaten breakfast, but passed away not too long after that. They haven't made any plans yet for the funeral.

    Alice and C.O.'s kids have been taking turns staying with them for two or three weeks. I didn't ask her which kids were with her now, but some of them are there.

    Please keep Alice in your prayers. Not only will she be grieving but she will have some very big decisions to make. I doubt that she can stay on the farm by herself for very long.

    I will let you know when I get more information.

    Love to you all
  • [S184] Interviewed at Seven Sisters Reunion at Lake Liberty, Washington.
  • [S187] Note was added to a descendants chart by Robert M. Rahe.
  • [S188] Calvin Thomas Young - Picture taken in hospital on March 23, 2005.; Obiturary published in Northwest Arkansas Times and in Ft. Sumner, NM newspaper, Copy of text of message:


    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. However, the records that I once had were lost in the mail
    when I decided to share with my brother Leon. All I have is what I recollect from viewing the death certificate
    of my father and after visiting his grave at Alta Mesa Cemetery in Palo Alto.

    I recall my father's graveside plaque stating:

    Robert Gleason Rahe
    Born December 1, 1910
    Died June 21, 1960

    From his death certificate I recall:

    Born: December 1, 1910 in Pendleton, Oregon
    Mother: Maude G. McFarland [or MacFarland](born Ohio, 1884)
    Father: Martin Rahe (I don't recall where he was born, but possibly Michigan)

    My grandmother, Maude, died in 1986.
    My uncle, Leon Rahe, died in 1994 or 1996. (There were only two children from Maude and Martin).

    My brother-in-law, Oran Roberts, told me at the last family reunion that he found a paternal, maternal great grandmother
    named Euphemia Knowlton. I just love her name. It sounds like a Joyful disease! (Euphoria and Anemia ... LOL)

    Anyway, both my brother and I are unable to have children, so this Rahe line ends with us.

    Although I thank you for your work,I do not require any elaborate geneology as there are no children to pass this info down to.
    Leon abandoned the practice years ago.

    It is interesting though!

  • [S189] Robert M Rahe, June 11, 2013 Death Certificate, State of Oregon, County of Coos,; Death Certificate for Ida Lee Pennington
  • [S190] Here is a copy of Bob's Death Certificate. Leon is now in possession of his ashes and pickup truck and any other items left from his apartment. He left almost everything else to Hospice. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, call, email, whatever...hugs to you all...

    Lynette Gaines
    541 582-3252
  • [S196] E-mail message to Gene Pennington from Mary Denham dated 2/13/2000.

    Hi Gene,
    I was just enjoying your site, again, and wanted to tell you how fantastic I think it is. You have done a beautiful job of recording our family tree. Sometime when you are updating things would you make a couple of changes in our area please? Under Eichelberger Family - Andrew John's last name is Denham rather than Eichelberber. As of now, Ray Eichelberger is still living. Under the Denham Family - Arthur Winfred Denham died in August 1970 in Dayton, Ohio and is burried there. Thank you so very much for creating such a great site that the whole family can enjoy.

    What is going on in your life? Are you enjoying retirement? Hal just had two knee surgeries that he is still recovering from, and I recently went through an arbitration hearing in which I represented myself and won, and now the defendants (stock brokerage firms) are suing me through a US District Court in Houston to try to reverse the award. I have to appear in Houston on March 3. So most of our time is spent between those two things and starting to prepare our income taxes. Betty and Del were just here for a short visit which I enjoyed very much. The rest of the family are doing OK. Linda will never be any better, just progressively worse. Jerry doesn't do what he needs to do to get better. LeRoy is trying very hard and doing great. He is sharing his story of how good God has been to him with everyone who will listen.

    If you come to Las Vegas, please remember that we are here. It would be great to see you.
  • [S199] Enlisted in Washington County, Maryland and served six months as a private in Captain John Reynolds' Company, Colonel Charles Griffith's Regiment of the Maryland Flying Camp.
  • [S200] Death Certificate for William M. Justis, "Virginia Deaths and Burials, 1853–1912." Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2010. Index entries derived from digital copies of original and compiled records. "Virginia Deaths and Burials, 1853–1912.", William M Justis
    Birth Date: abt 1780
    Birth Place: Lunenburg, Virginia
    Death Date: 10 Apr 1856
    Death Place: Powhatan, Virginia
    Death Age: 76
    Race: White
    Marital Status: Married
    Gender: Male
    Father Name: Daniel Justis
    Mother Name: Justis
    FHL Film Number: 33089
  • [S202] William Justis
    Home in 1810 (City, County, State): Lunenburg, Lunenburg, Virginia
    Free White Persons - Males - Under 10: 2
    Free White Persons - Males - 26 thru 44 : 1
    Free White Persons - Females - Under 10: 3
    Free White Persons - Females - 16 thru 25: 1
    Free White Persons - Females - 26 thru 44: 1
    Numbers of Slaves: 2
    Number of Household Members Under 16: 5
    Number of Household Members Over 25: 2
    Number of Household Members: 10
  • [S203] 1840; Census Place: Jefferson, Powhatan, Virginia; Roll: 574; Page: 169; Image: 346; Family History Library Film: 0029691, William M Justis
    Home in 1840 (City, County, State): Jefferson, Powhatan, Virginia
    Free White Persons - Males - 60 thru 69: 1
    Free White Persons - Females - 15 thru 19: 1
    Free White Persons - Females - 50 thru 59: 1
    Slaves - Males - Under 10: 2
    Slaves - Males - 24 thru 35: 1
    Slaves - Females - Under 10: 1
    Slaves - Females - 10 thru 23: 2
    Slaves - Females - 24 thru 35: 1
    Persons Employed in Agriculture: 3
    Free White Persons - Under 20: 1
    Total Free White Persons: 3
    Total Slaves: 7
    Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 10
  • [S204] Year: 1850; Census Place: My District, Powhatan, Virginia; Roll: M432_969; Page: 330A; Image: 142, 1850 Federal Census, Powhatan Co., VA

    Name: Wm M Justis
    Age: 70
    Birth Year: abt 1780
    Birthplace: Virginia
    Home in 1850: My District, Powhatan, Virginia
    Gender: Male
    Family Number: 435
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Wm M Justis 70
    Marth Justis 41
    Martha Justis 0
  • [S205] Will of William M. Justis, Powhatan County, Virginia Will Book 15 - page 74 William M. Justis Will, Powhatan Co., VA 1853

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
    USGENWEB NOTICE: In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the Internet, data may be freely used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material AND permission is obtained from the CONTRIBUTOR of the file. These electronic pages cannot be reproduced in any format for profit or other presentation.

    Paul Justis 212 6th St. Jupiter, Florida 33458-5734 email address
  • [S212] Daniel Scott Burris-Jr., Certificate of Live Birth 77 016348, 26 July 1977
  • [S220] Calvin Thomas Young - Picture taken in hospital on March 23, 2005.; Obiturary published in Northwest Arkansas Times and in Ft. Sumner, NM newspaper, Copy of text of message sent on 10/11/13.

    [COLOR:31,73,125,255,255,255]Hi Gene,

    I recently made a breakthrough on Charles Wesley Justis’ second wife’s parents. Mary “Mollie” Medesimus Williams’ parents are Nathan Lawrence “LW” Williams (1836-1910) and Mary Ann “Polly” Moser (1833-1892). The information came through a combination of death records and census. Cynthia Arabelle (Williams) Wright’s death certificate listed her father as Nathan Williams. It took following some hunches to find Isaiah Captain “Cap” Williams, and his death certificate listed his parents as LW Williams and Polly Moser, both from North Carolina. Sarah Isabelle (Williams) Alland’s funeral record lists her parents as LW Williams and Sarah Moser; while the informant got the first name of her mother wrong, he got the last name right. Both parents were born in Chatham County, North Carolina. Nathan Lawrence “LW” Williams’ father is Jesse Williams (1793- ) and his grandparents are David Williams and Drusilla Poe. Mary Ann “Polly” Moser’s parents are William Moser (1801-1888) and Mary M. Fox (1806-1882). Her parental grandparents are John Moser and Sarah Garrett, and her maternal grandparents are John Fox and Mary Magdalina Cobb. There is a lot on their line out on the internet.

  • [S234] Family History Information from Carla Eldridge, daughter of
    Charles Wesley Eldridge.



    I'm sure Carrie will give you the information for Travis William
    Eldridge and his son Wesley William Eldridge so here is the
    information for the rest of Charlie's biological children:

    First born: Carla Ann Eldridge born October 9, 1965 St Joseph's
    Hospital in Albuquerque, NM to Charles Wesley Eldridge and
    Roberta Lorraine Green

    Married to Kurt C Leonard August 11, 1983 divorced August 11,
    Son Matthew Abrahm Leonard born September 23, 1984
    Elmendorf Air Force Base, AK

    Son Randall Wesley Nelson born September 21, 1988 in
    Manistique, MI, his father's name is Doug Nelson who is also on
    my friend's list if you need more information about him and his
    family it would be a great idea to note his brother Brian who is the
    family genealogist

    Randall married Stephanie on February 18, 2011.

    Daughter Emily Lorena Eldridge born January 4, 1993 Anchorage,
    Alaska Her father's name is Lyle Albert Floyd, born July 1969
    (cannot remember day date sorry)

    Second born: My brother James Andrew Eldridge, born March 3,
    1967 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Albuquerque, NM to Charles
    Wesley Eldridge and Roberta Lorraine Green.

    He had a son named James Andrew Eldridge Jr. born in 1984 and
    passed in 1985.(he won't discuss it, the baby passed from SIDS)

    Third born: My sister Tracy Eldridge born April 15 1971? (You
    might ask Tracy the year for sure) in Albuquerque, NM to Charles
    Wesley Eldridge and Connie Lee Robison

    Tracy's children:
    Amelia Sancido born on March 12, 1992
    Adrienne Martinez born on January 9, 1997
    Aleeya Martinez born on February 25, 2000
    (this is where Tracy will kill me so you will have to ask her since I
    seem to have lost track after Aleeya, at least I remember their
    names :D)
    Isaac Martinez born on
    Alora Martinez born on
    Noah Martinez born on

    And there you have it. You probably know more at this point than
    Charlie does!
  • [S236] Andrew J. Pennington, From U.S. Census Records, Head of Household: Andrew J. Pennington

    Household Members:

    </b><u>Andrew J Pennington</u>

    <u>Sarah Pennington</u>

    <u>Rosa A Pennington</u>

    <u>William O Pennington</u>

    <u>Oaner S Pennington</u> - Note: This should be OMER C. Pennington, Male

    <u>John C Pennington</u>

    <u>Alma L Pennington</u>

    <u>Nora E Pennington</u>

    <u>Chole L Pennington</u>

    <u>James S Pennington</u>

    <u>Myrtle A Pennington</u>

    <u>Eva L Pennington</u>

    <u>Gladie W Pennington</u>
  • [S237] Roll: 55; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 2; Image: 591.0; FHL microfilm: 2339790, 1830 Federal Census, Cochise Co., AZ

    Household Members:

    </b><u>Le Roy Lancaster</u>

    <u>Buena V Lancaster</u>

    <u>Edith T Lancaster</u>

    <u>Ethel R Lancaster</u>

    <u>Alice M Lancaster</u>

    <u>Ida L Lancaster</u>
    [4 4/12]

    <u>Dorothy M Lancaster</u>
    [1 4/12]

    <u>Basil M Justis</u>
  • [S239] Copy filed in research material with Harold E. Pennington.